Chicken Vegetable Pocket (Frozen) - 18pc

Chicken Vegetable Pocket (Frozen) - 18pc

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Succulent chicken, cheese & vegetables mix inside a pastry pocket.

Product is raw and frozen.

Heating Instructions:
Guide only, heating time may vary depending on your appliance.

1. Remove from the freezer 30 min before frying
2. Heat vegetable oil to medium temperature (about 180°C)
3. Fry for 3-4 minutes or until golden
4. Remove and serve


Made in house

Filling (29.5%): Onion (22%), Chicken Breast Minced [(17%), Chicken Drumstick Minced (17%)], Mozzarella Cheese Shredded (14%) Cheese (Pasteurised Milk, Salt, Enzyme (Non-Animal Rennet), Cultures), Anti-caking Agent (Starch), Preservative 200], Green Peas (8%), Carrot Diced (8%), Corn Kernel (4%), Parsley, Canola Oil, Chicken Spices, Salt, Pepper, Nigella Seeds. Pastry (70.5%): Flour (64%) (Wheat Flour), Water (19%), Canola Oil (5%),  cornflour, Skim Milk [Pasteurised Skim Milk, Milk Powder (0.15%, 3.0% Protein)], Full Cream Milk ((15%) [Pasteurised & Homogenised Whole Milk